All of us are students of life. Today, tomorrow and forever we’ll continue to be. Mukhlesur Rahman, one such student of life came forward to make the process of learning as fruitful and fun as were his own experiences. He had a vision and with a few supporting shoulders and hours and hours of discussions and preparations.

He is from a small village named Kadamguri near a town Howly in the Barpeta District. He has been a centre topper in HSLC from his centre. After that, he has faced a lot of ups and downs in his educational journey so far. He made it to NIT Silchar and firmly decided to help all those students who spoil their career due to lack of guidance.

With that vision in his mind he started planning a educational centre during the final year of his B.Tech even after getting job in a Big MNC to provide high quality teaching and required guidance to the students of Lower Assam at unimaginably low fees, as an action of his social call. He grouped up with friends, Saddam Talukdar, Istabul Hussain, Anowar Hussain, Imran Hussain, Nazrul Khan and Tanvir Hussain to make this process as enjoyable as having a road trip with friends.Crystal Group of Institutions came into existence on July 1

Crystal Group of Institutions came into existence on July 1st, 2015. Crystal Group does not scrutinize its students on their prior merit instead it pays more caution in selecting the teachers that will teach them – Rajat, Chandan, Naaz, Piyar, Saddam. Co-Founder Saddam is also an excellent chemistry teacher.

With 5 students on day one this family grew to 25 in its very first year and the number quickly rose to 105 by the end of 2nd year.

Inspirational writer and Founder, Steven J. Stowell said,“Great leaders find ways to connect with people and help them fulfill their potential.”

Crystal group believes in the saying as they have and continue to guide below average students to their dreams of cracking Medical & Engineering entrance exams. Proof is Marina who bagged 1st rank in MEE – 2016 (PH).

On asking about how such wonderful results were possible, Mukhlesur replied, “We literally scan the students as soon as we get them. We take every single student and find out, what is their understanding about the subjects, the topics, what are their strong points, what are their weak points, how early they can get up, how late can they keep awake and many other check points. Then we design a customized action plan for them and we see through the plan and make continuous improvements. Students are divided into sub-groups of 5 students and they get a mentor. Teachers stay in hostel with them and provide the extra care and support to each and every student and transform them exponentially. That’s how students from Super 30 achieve 100% results and we will soon reach such achievements.”

Extra Curricular activities, dividing students into groups as per their needs and providing that extra care, same hostel for students and teachers are few of the many steps taken to ensure the best environment for its students.Having passed out from NIT Silchar and the inspirational Super 30, Mukhlesur Rahman aims to achieve exact same results of 100% results at Crystal Group of Institutions.

Having passed out from NIT Silchar and the inspirational Super 30, Mukhlesur Rahman aims to achieve exact same results of 100% results at Crystal Group of Institutions.

Come meet their students and you’ll know why they love them.

“We welcome you to join us so that we can do what we do best. Helping students fulfill their dreams.” – Mukhlesur gives his message.

The Assam News wishes all the best for their future endeavours.