The domain of entrepreneurship is taking a new shape in the hands of young entrepreneurs from Northeast India.The dedication and the hard tasks can uplift a venture startup to a stage of triumph or in its way to achieving the goal.In this write-up, we are sharing the story of a young entrepreneur Watila Longkumer who hails from Nagaland.

Watila Longkumer’s story is all about her dedication and struggle for her startup ‘ NARO KI ‘.It was founded on 31st July 2010 and located at Blend complex,Dimapur,Nagaland.Following the demands from customers Watila opened another store on 3rd October 2011 at Kohima.

About the startup :

The word ‘Naro ki’ means “A house of Flowers”.It deals in all kinds of fresh flowers (both retail and wholesale),wedding & event planning, planting materials, and photography . Hire of wedding accessories and home delivery of fresh flowers in Dimapur, Kohima and also in other states.On Naro Ki’s 4th Anniversary they had introduced photography too as their clients want everything under one roof.They have a wide range of customers all over India appreciating their ways of service.They have stores at Dimapur ,Kohima and also managing other orders through their official website


(The Founder and CEO of Naro Ki)

The idea and struggles:

Watila Longkumer always wanted to be a doctor but it was her interest which turned her life towards completely a different path.

“But I guess that was not in my destiny. I graduated from Kohima Science College and went for my further studies to Delhi and did my MSc in Agrochemicals and Pest Management from Delhi University. . And like  others I was also appearing the UPSC/NPSC and all the competitive exams that came my way. I got through some stages but could never make it to the final list! Then I got the opportunity to join the Dept of Horticulture as a Technical Assistant(TA) in the Directorate. But that was not my cup of tea . So I left the job after about a year and a half amidst lot of arguments and criticism from people who know me .” – Watila told the Assam News


(The logo of ‘Naro Ki’)

Watila used to buy flowers from the flower growers to make bouquets to gift someone or arranging the birthday parties, events of people she knew.She was getting support from everyone.she started to help out with flower decorations in friends and family weddings.Gradually her creative works came into limelight.She was getting orders for bouquets and decorations.That was the exact moment when she got the idea to go for a startup and ‘Naro Ki’ was the result of all her creative works and dedication.Though her startup didn’t get any financial supports from authorities but her family and friends were supportive in terms of her business.

“Though I will never become a doctor, my flowers never fail to bring a smile on the face of an ailing person. The thought that they bring joy to the receiver give me the satisfaction I need in spite of all the hardships involve in running a Flower boutique . At the end of the day I sleep with a smile on my face: what more can I ask from God. I have been blessed more than I can handle. I always say God opens the doors for me before I knock at the door and fulfills all my needs even before the thoughts are formed in my mind.”


Experiences :

Watila Longkumer shared a few her experiences with us.This what she has to say:

“Doing business is not easy. One has be extra patient. When I started my business initially there was a point of time when I thought if I had made the right choice. I had to push marketing. I used to give people flowers in bouquets or in arrangements whenever there was a birthday or an anniversary or a housewarming or a funeral and suggest the same to others. Suggestion would mean me giving the flowers free of cost for them to gift others! But that push turned into a habit for some of them so much so that they started buying flowers themselves. That was when I sighted my success…. now I don’t have to force my clients what to give for all occasions—they come to me, I don’t have to push and sell my flowers ;For any occasion they know the answer -It is flowers!”


(A view of their Decoration)

Future Goals :

When She first started the flower boutique, the initial goal was just to help the growers in selling their flowers which was getting wasted.

“I never imagined that ‘Naro Ki’ will come this far. What has started as a hobby has turned to something which I never dreamt of.” — she said
“I am a dreamer , I always want the best or nothing and everything has to be perfect. But I also work hard to achieve it. I work & also make my staffs work till there is a Bingo/eureka! I want Naro Ki to be a household name when it come to flowers just as Colgate is when it comes to toothpaste. This might sound huge but i guess there is no harm in dreaming big.” — Watila added.