VHSNC (Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committee) are formed under National Health Mission as a part of Community Process at Village level to enhance Community Participation and Awareness on Health & its Social determinants. In the Sualkuchi BPHC of Kamrup district as a result of proper planning and coordination among ASHAs, ASHA Supervisors, ANMs, PRI member and other Programme management staffs of the BPHC a good numbers of (VHSNC) have been able to rationally utilized its Untied funds for various Community level activities like Cleanliness of Drains, Public Urinals, Govt. School & AWC Compound, Religious institutions Surroundings etc. These activities have helped in preventing disease like Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhea, Tuberculosis and Japanese Encephalitis etc. in the area. Apart from these, VHSNCs have improved some of the village subways, done minor Earth filling work in some of the Immunization Session sites, repaired and disinfected the Community drinking water sources with the help of Community action.


A number of Public meetings on Health & Hygiene, Awareness Rally on Sanitation, and Tree Plantations Programme in Public Places and Health institutions were also being undertaken by the VHSNCs which have helped in promoting Good health practices and a Clean Environment-friendly atmosphere in villages. Some of the equipment like Blood Pressure Machine, Thermometer, and Weighing Scale used for Health Check up were purchased from the VHSNCs untied fund. Moreover, a few of the VHSNCs have arranged seating facilities for smooth conduction of Immunization and Village Health Nutrition day Programme. All these were possible under the leadership of  SDM & HO of Sualkuchi BPHC with proper implementation and monitored from BPM & BCM and active Co-operation of other officials of the Block PHC. By strengthens the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee a reasonable amount of expenditure which is usually spent by the Public on the treatment of their minor diseases can be saved or minimised. By holding regular VHSNC meeting, Community people can be aware of Nutrition, Sanitation and healthy lifestyle as added by the SDM&HO. Participatory discussion among VHSNC members on various Social issues, Planning, Teamwork and Monitoring are the keys of success of VHSNC programme in the BPHC as stated by the BCM.

(Article prepared by Sirazul Hussain Saikia. BPM & Aminul Islam. BCM)