Screenshots from the video

Ahead of Republic day, The United Liberation Front of Assam- Independent (ULFA-I) on Thursday burnt the Indian National Flag. A video of burning the flag was sent to media by the ULFA-I today.

In the video, ULFA-I members were seen holding placards and several slogans were written on the placards. One of the play cards reads, ” History says the truth, Assam never belongs to India. We want independence.

In the same video, a person said, “Our right to be independent was snatched away by the colonial Indian government and we are treated as second-class citizen in our own motherland.”

The person further said, ” 26th of January is not the republic day of Mother Assam rather it is an insult to our motherland and therefore we burn the Indian flag as a protest.”

And later, they burnt the national flag of India sloganeering ‘we want independence’. Netizens are strongly condemning the task of ULFA-I.

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