According to a news reports , obsession with selfies claimed two more young lives+ in the capital when two teenagers were crushed under a train while posing between two railway tracks at Anand Vihar, east Delhi, on Saturday afternoon.
The victims, Yash Kumar, 16, and Shubham, 14, along with five friends studying in the same tuition centre, had pooled in money and rented a DSLR camera for Rs 400 per day. Cops said they wanted to build a modelling portfolio.
As per accounts of the other boys, the group had chosen a spot between two tracks to take selfies with an approaching train in the background. They were so engrossed in taking pictures when the train approached that they didn’t notice another train coming from the opposite direction.
While others stayed where they were, Yash and Shubham, in a reflex action, jumped onto the other track fearing they would be crushed between two trains. They instantly came under the second train and died, police said.
Before the accident, Yash and Shubham had gone to a gaming parlour near Akshardham after tution classes, with Rohit Kumar, Tushar Yadav, Bhaveet Tomar, Rohit Singh and Aman Kumar.
The boys also took selfies outside the temple, which Yash and Shubham did not find exciting enough, according to the other boys.
Then the boys decided to go to the Anand Vihar railway lines to click “daring selfies” for their social media profiles.


(With inputs from TOI)