The new BJP led Government of Assam is fulfilling the election promise by evicting the illegal dwellers on different parts of the state.The Government started eviction Campaign by making a portion of Kaziranga National Park free from human influence following the orders of Gauhati High Court. Many people who had legal rights on those lands left the place on their own will and some other families forced to leave their houses by the Government. The families yet to receive the compensation as promised by the Assam Government. That is an another issue. But, in this write up I am not focusing on the issue of compensation. After Kaziranga, State Government declared that they would continue their drive on illegal encroachment and as a result eviction has taken place in Mayong, Pabitora and recently on different river banks ( chor and Chapori) including Manas National Park, Ratabari etc. Sarbananda Sonowal led Government also promised to make the lands of Satra ( a cultural and religious institute based on Vaishnavism) free from illegal encroachment. People are appreciating this particular move by the new Government. Major opposition party Congress has criticised the Sonowal Government on the ground for not providing compensation to the victim families. But Congress has failed to solve this problem when they were in power for 15 years. So, People at large not listening to the voice of Congress Party. This is the background of current eviction drive by Assam Government. But now I would like to take you all into a deeper understanding of the situation.

1. The Government has tried to give the impression as they were evicting the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who were dwelling in those places. Primarily a section in the government and the party tried to create a propaganda as they were evicting illegal Muslim Bangladeshi immigrants by fulfilling the long-awaited aspirations of Assamese People. But did Sonowal Govt took any action to find out whether Muslim Families are Bangladeshi Citizen or Indian Citizen?? 
2. If they are illegal Bangladeshi immigrants what action Government is taking to deport them to Bangladesh? A section in Government has tried to frame it as if this was the last war to save the Assamese entity and so Government is evicting the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from Assam. Do we know where these people are now living? After Few months these landless people will encroach a new land to settle down and so same problem will be in near future. So if they are illegal Bangladeshi let them deport or if they are Indian Citizens Government must settle them down in a good place with all the felicities and rights that an Indian citizen enjoys. But it seems political parties actually want to keep this problem for a longer period in order to create political issues during Election.
3.The Government might be able to identify the illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants with the completion of NRC ( National Register of Citizens of India) in future. But are they prepared enough? Did India and Bangladesh give any treaty to deport illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to Bangladesh? There is no particular or significant discussion between India and Bangladesh Government on this problem. So deportation will be a bigger issue in future.
4. It is an open and unpleasant secret that radical forces are much active in Assam. These forces are trying to influence the people from all religion following their strong propaganda to polarise the people in the name of religion. Islamic Fundamentalist groups are just waiting for that opportunity where they can divide the people in the name of the religion and create Jehadis in Assam. They have already tired to influence the Muslim Youths in the River bank ares of Barpeta,Goalpara and Dhuburi. But these radical forces have failed as larger section of Muslim population rejected to radicalise and wanted to remain united. But a few decisions by current Government making the door wide open for radical forces to influence the Muslim Youths. As I have mentioned above Government has not identified whether illegal dwellers are Indian or Bangladeshi citizens, and if identified Govt has no deportation plans. So these people will take shelter in some other place and again they would be evicted. Jihadi groups are just waiting for that. Theses radical groups will create a sense of mistrust and isolation among the Muslim youths who are going to loose their home again and again. So Jehadi problem will grow more in coming days and as a result more difference between Hindu and Muslims in Assam and walking towards a communal divided Assam.          
So it seems to be a radical future for Assam and it’s people due to lack of planning and political aspirations of a few political leaders of the state.
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