Temsusenla Kichu – The startup story of a woman entrepreneur from Nagaland


There was a time when the people of Northeast were not even aware of the startup culture and the domain of entrepreneurship.And talking about women entrepreneurship was far away from possibility.However ; some organisations, young entrepreneurs have brought the startup culture of Northeast to a new level.In this article we bring you the inspiring startup story of Temsusenla Kichu – a woman entrepreneur from Nagaland.

Temsusenla Kichu’s story is all about her journey along with her startup venture Fusion.Fusion was founded on, 3rd October, 2014 and located at Hotel Acacia Complex, Dimapur, Nagaland. The store is a one-stop shop for domestic brands. Their customers are treated to a wide range of clothes and accessories from well-established start ups as well to their handpicked collections sourced from various places in India and abroad.
Fusion as a store focuses on local designers from Nagaland and also hosts a few brands based out at Bangalore and Delhi. You will find latest collection of apparels for men and women from the brand ‘Liying’, menswear from ‘Bevura’, handmade accessories from ‘Runway’, handmade hair accessories from ‘Pigtails and Pony’s’ and handmade jewelry from ‘D’Ana’.


(In picture : Temsusenla Kichu, Founder and Proprietor of Fusion Store.)


Fusion store is a retail outlet. It is handled by the owner Temsusenla Kichu herself with the help of some family members. Based on the day to day interaction with their clients and fashion trends, they give constant inputs to their designers and that work as a good feedback which is kept in mind during new production. They offer the customers what they like to wear rather than sell them what they want to sell.
They do campaigns on social media like Facebook and Instagram. They like to keep the customers engaged through sms campaigns and social media and they have loyal customers who are always on the wait for new collections in the store.
They also have customers from many other states in the country and they are taken care of online.

The Idea :

Being asked about the idea of launching such a wonderful startup,  Temsusenla Kichu’s reply was as follows :

“My journey as an entrepreneur started at an early age. Along with school, I would juggle with my part time job as well as computer classes. That period of my life was my best training ground. I worked part time at a medical store until I graduated, Post that, I joined a renowned retail store, worked in different capacities and resigned as a store manager. Back then, when parents would not even allow children to work part time, I was already working with a first salary of Rs 600. I cherish those days and nothing could have prepared me better to become an entrepreneur.
Nagaland been a fashion cautious state a lot of local designers had started to showcase their work. I felt a dire need for a platform for them through which the designers could upscale their business from retail. Having worked in clothing retail store gave me knowledge of customers’requirements.”

Her journey of becoming an entrepreneur was not that easy. Temsusenla’s friends and family were her biggest supports.She also mentioned about her investor friend  and mentor who helped her to give a shape to her works.Looking at her progressive growth, even the bank officials are now ready to offer financial support to her store.

The Experiences :

Temsusenla Kichu shared her experience with us, here it goes –

“It is not easy doing business in Nagaland. There is a lot of competition unlike earlier days. Customers are aware of what they are spending their money on, and only good quality products can convince buyers of this age. I, along with my team of designers try our best to put the best on the table.
The experience is completely different when you own a business and work for your own and also have people working under you as compared to when you work for somebody.
The Team is power packed as most of the startups associated with Fusion are headed by women entrepreneurs. It is with this belief of collaboration and different individualities that we sure to make things better under one roof.”


(In picture : A view of the fusion store)

Future Goals :

We asked about her future goals with her startup and she replied as follows :

To be the best retail outlet this gives opportunity to local designers and manufacturers. I want to open a window of opportunities through Fusion and grow further with more enterprising designers and brands in the team. I believe in sustainable growth and it is only through supporting each other and hard work, that local talent and products will have a bigger and better place in the market.
This is just the start and it will only get bigger and better in the days to come.
At the moment the team is concentrating to be more aggressive on consistent production with more refined and quality products. We look forward with this vision that we will go beyond and branch out too.

It is to be noted that this inspiring woman entrepreneur is also well-recognized for her active participation at the Rotaract Nagaland chapter. It’s her 19th year being a part of the Rotary.


“I joined in the year 1997 as an Interactor when i was still in School. Since then, I has served in various positions, and also elected as District Rotaract Representative in the year 2007-2008 comprising of Bengal and the entire North East states. Thereafter, the parent body Rotary invited me to join as Rotarian in 2011. I also got the opportunity to serve as the President in 2015-2016. I have been part of numerous charity, social welfare, Polio vaccine drives, and Medical Missions. Rotary has played an important role in my life. It is with Rotary I am what I am and also I can genuinely say I have become a much better person.” – she added

The Assam News Congratulates Temsusenla Kichu for her wonderful works and dedication.Her story will surely inspire the New Age people.

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