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The taboo around menstruation is not something new in India. Even in this newfangled world, many are worried about opening up the topic publicly. With the release of Akshay Kumar starrer Bollywood movie ‘Padman’, many are sharing pictures holding sanitary pads on social media sites in order to aware people about the fact that the menstruation is entirely as normal as any other biological processes in the human body.

Like many other, Rehna Sultan, a young writer, and research scholar uploaded a photo holding sanitary pads with a caption that reads, ” Why sanitary pads are always covered within black paper so that nobody can know what is inside? Feel free to buy sanitary napkins and carry it openly. No shy, no fear. Yes, I bleed, is this abuse? Any problem in this? No? Then why we feel shy to buy, to carry pads in front of others? There is nothing to be ashamed of. As we know in our country most of the women die regularly because of using unsanitized clothes during their period. So there is no question of feel shy about this purpose. Feel free, always. The post is about the awareness. So if you don’t like this post just ignore it, But no sluggish comments please.”

A lot of people shared the photo supporting the purpose of her awareness following menstruation. Shockingly, a Facebook user with the name ‘Nilufar Akter Nazmin’ uploaded the photo of Rehna Sultana with an abusive caption terming Rehna as a ‘Shameless’ person. Soon after the abusive post came into attention, netizens started condemning the task.

Screenshot of the abusive post.
Screenshot of the abusive post.

Following this, a case has been filed against the alleged fake account user at the Jalukbari Police Station. The police investigation is now in progress.