Jennti Dutta and Rehanna Kheshgi

Rehanna Kheshgi, the one who won the hearts of people across Assam by singing Assamese songs along with Angarag Papon Mahanta has been married to Assamese guitarist Jeenti Dutta. Rehanna Kheshgi and Jeenti Dutta met each other while performing with Papon Mahanta. Recently, they have been married in Jorhat Court.She is soon going to be a permanent resident of Jorhat.

More About Rehanna Kheshgi:

Rehanna Kheshgi received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the University of Chicago in 2016. She came to Assam for the same purpose. Her research project brings an interdisciplinary approach to the study of sacred music in the borderlands of South Asia, examining how indigenous worship practices historically recast in a Hindu light are being transformed into the raw materials for supporting political claims for tribal sovereignty in Assam, India. This research will contribute to wider debates on borderland subjectivities and the role of the body in sacred performance, by grounding experiences of belonging within shifting frameworks of the nation-state.

More About Jeenti Dutta:

Jeenti Dutta is a Mumbai-based popular Assamese guitarist. He is from Jeenti Dutta is the lead guitarist of the East India Company (EIC).