When the entire state is witnessing major actions against the accused ACS officers who passed the APSC exam following deceptive way, at the same time several ‘distorted’ news reports are making rounds in news channels and newspapers.

Ramanuj Hazarika, an ACS officer, who recently resigned, took a dig at news channels and newspapers for publishing ‘distorted’ news reports.

It is to be noted that, several news channels covered a news alleging Ramanuj Hazarika as involved in the scam and he resigned in ‘fear of getting arrested’.

Ramanuj Hazarika took the issue to social media and uploaded a video elucidating what exactly went wrong with the media. Taking a dig at media houses, Hazarika said, “Some news channels and newspapers carried a news that I ran away in fear of getting arrested. It is a laughable thing. I accept that you are journalists. But, at first, learn the journalistic ethics. Learn to respect the personal issues of people.”

He further said, ” Leaving the job is completely my personal decision. I’m frustrated over the Assamese media houses.”

He further termed the media of Assam as ‘circus’.

He also said that he resigned because he is going to prepare for UPSC examination.

Ramanuj Hazarika also warned the media houses that he will take legal actions against them.

His video went viral on social media sites within five hours and people came to his support. The netizens are questioning the ethics of journalism of the regional media houses.

Watch the video here: