Rajdip Ghosh, a young Assamese struggling artist from Chabua(Assam) is one of the young talented singers of Assam.Performing on small stages was never been an obstacle for him.He kept singing and still doing the same, which finally made him an owner of such magical voice.

The young singer Rajdip performs in various events, bihu shows, private shows, and also performed in MTV as a zonal finalist for season four and five.He also performs at 93.5 RED FM as a regular artist.

The way he sings and his skills in the domain of music is appreciable. Rajdip  is also working in some new projects to go ahead with the tasks concerned with music and songs.


(In picture :  Rajdip Ghosh)

“As of now, regarding music I must include that, I am working in a solo project of mine. Title “DOORIYAN” which is a soft melodic song along with aggression, which is going to be released very soon with video. Further for future I have no plans to execute. Just working and my present for a better future” – Rajdip told The Assam News.

When asked about the types of music he likes, this is what Rajdip told :

“In terms of music I typically don’t keep any moods over music but yah! I personally like soft rocks, melodic, blues ( just to hear), and semi-classicals to hear and sing respectively…”

Rajdip’s family and his friends has always been his inspiration.And moreover his Guru and the teachers also inspired him a lot.

“Actually not a decade but just few years back I.e. on 2011 I realized that I can sing, and gradually it became my passion and working hard for it.” – Rajdip told The Assam News while talking about his passion for music.

Below you can watch his stage performace :

(click here to watch directly on YouTube)

The Assam News Team wishes best of luck to Rajdip for his future endeavors.

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