Pritam Pandit

Northeast India is always famous for its natural richness and as the meeting ground of diverse cultures. And such circumstances have been attracting the people to visit this captivating part of India.

At a time when a big number of foreigners visit Northeast India every year, many are misled following numerous hoaxes making the people misinformed about the socio-political condition of Northeast India. It won’t be wrong to say that many a time people bother to visit Northeast India, and this is the outcome of those hoaxes. To evince and make the people discern about what the people of Northeast truly deal with and to clear their perceptions concerning Northeast, Pritam Pandit, a travel blogger from Mumbai is now traveling all the states of NE India.

It is the 24th day of his journey to NE India. Pritam started his journey from Guwahati on 16th July.He has already traveled through Mizoram and reached Silchar 6th August. While Pritam is continuing his journey ahead to the remaining states, Pritam shared his experiences with The Assam News which he witnessed within the 22 days of his journey.

“Before my Northeast trip, my friends and other travelers advised me to not to visit NE during this time due to monsoon season but after spending my 22 days today & that too successfully I can say my decision of visiting NE during this time of the year is a worthy one,” – Pritam told The Assam News.

Pritam Pandit, a travel blogger who is connected to several travel groups within and outside India, says that upon his research he found that no one has ever visited all the states of northeast India at one go and he is going to be the first one to hold it as an adventure.

Upon asking about the diversities he witnessed between the lives of people in Northeast India and the other states of India, Pritam said, “Tribal people in Jharkhand live a village life but in Mizoran I have endured and seen such people living standard life”.

“Every season has its own charm & beauty, if people can go to Shimla, Nainital, Darjeeling during Winter time to experience snow fall & chilled weather then why not monsoon to be spent at the heavy rainfall zoned NorthEast India to experience its charming serenity with the abode of clouds,” – he further said.

Pritam asks people to put NE in bucket list to experience the amazing Northeast India.