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We often come across several news reports of harassment cases with girls and such reports compel us to question the security status of the girls in our Indian society.

Anamika Das, an Assam girl, narrates the unpleasant experience of her niece who witnessed the abhorrent behaviors of a man on a Train.

She narrates the whole incident in a Facebook post. Videos of the man performing abhorrent behaviors were recorded by her niece. The videos are also posted on her Facebook post.

“This is a very shameful incident that happened with my niece. And it was very brave of her to tell us the incident and keep proofs about the whole incident that she had to go through,” – Anamika begins to tell the incident on her Facebook post.

She narrates,”So it all happened on the 1st of October 2017 around 1 am. We were boarding a train from Delhi to Dehradun. Train number being 12205. The train left from Delhi at 11.50 pm on 30th September 2017. Me and my niece were sleeping on the upper berth alongside each other. Since I was too sleepy I was unaware of the whole incident until she told me today the whole scenario. A man sleeping on the opposite side of the upper berth, his seat number being 64 (I am hoping) coach b5, was constantly staring at my niece. She got irritated and got very scared. And texted her friend. Her friend suggested her to capture videos that followed through. Not just stare, the man was showing very unusual behavior which is even very difficult to express in words. The video reveals the whole incident and his behaviour towards her. After clicking a few videos and getting irritated she called her mother up and slept alongside her in the lower berth. Very scared to tell her mom too.”

Here is Facebook Post:

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