Prteek Hazela

With the release of the part publication of Draft NRC, the people are busy in finding out their names in the Draft NRC. The draft NRC is released at the midnight.

The office of the State Coordinator of National Registration(NRC) has already featured the five ways of checking names in the Draft.

In many such cases, names of some members of a family are included and some names are not included in the Draft NRC or the names of all the family members are not included in the NRC. In such situation, one doesn’t need to worry about the circumstance as it is only a partial publication of Draft NRC.

National Register of Citizens (NRC) Coordinator, Prateek Hajela said, ” Those whose names are not included in the Draft NRC should not think that their names have been rejected. Their verification is still in process and not yet finished. So, they should wait for few days.”

All that you should do is to wait for the next phase of Draft publication and do not need to worry in any manner.