Recently a video of a journalist taking interview of a school girl went viral in social media sites.And it went viral for a good reason.The story is about the school girl Dimpi Chutia  from Lakhimpur.She is a student of Pukhuriporia Progoti Prathomik Vidyalaya (Primary school) located at Lakhimpur district.Though she is student of class five, but her ways and talent of answering the each & every question the journalist had asked amazed the viewers.

The school in which she is studying is in bad condition.There are few benches in the classroom,no fan at all,the other side of the school can been seen so easily while standing at the front side.During the monsoon, flood affects the entire area. Dimpi and the other students face a lot of difficulties.

In the the interview Dimpi talks about the condition of her school,the facilities they need and the problems they face.

When the journalist asked, “Do you feel bad while studying in such a school ?”

“I don’t feel bad, mom says people become great studying in small schools.” – Dimpi replied with a innocent smile on her face and kept on answering all the questions,one after another in a fluent manner.

She has a dream to become a journalist.She dreams to work for the society and to make her school more beautiful.Such dreams of Dimpi amazed everyone.

Below you can watch the Interview :

Here is another one, as reported in News18 Assam/NE :

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