The cat is out of the bag. Or so said the Naga People’s Front (NPF) in a press release today after receiving a request from four MLAs to revoke the Party’s suspension of Neiphiu Rio and Imkong L Imchen.

It “speaks volumes” about the intent to “destabilize and topple the present Government,” noted the Media & Press Bureau of the NPF Central. The letter from the four MLAs implied, according to the NPF Central, that “it was none other than” the former CM and former HM “who created the present situation in the State.”

Accusing the two leaders of orchestrating the “whole sequence of events that have taken place during the past 10 days,” the NPF wondered about the timing of the letter to the NPF President at this juncture.

“They are assuring the citizens of Nagaland that the present crisis will be normalized once suspension order of Rio is revoked and re-instated as Chief Minister of Nagaland,” reiterated the NPF Central, taking this as a “clear indication” of their “patronizing the agitators” for “selfish political interest.”

Further, “Since these four MLAs have openly come out in support of Rio and Imkong, they should also be held responsible for this present situation,” the NPF Central stated.

‘Mischief on their mind’

In a separate press release, the NPF Central questioned the Convenor of the NTAC, Kohima, stating that it is in their interest that MLAs stay in their constituencies (instead of Kohima) “where adequate security cover cannot be extended to each and every one of them thereby making them easy prey for those elements which have more than mischief on their minds.”

In a roundabout manner, the NPF Central said that the MLAs are in Kohima to show their solidarity with and support for the present leadership. Further, “It is a matter of sheer, unadulterated comedy that we now have NGOs and Committees asking where the Legislators should be at what time; questioning why the Chief Minister should or should not go to Delhi, and that too, when the Chief Minister was called to meet the Union Home Minister!” remarked the press release from the Media & Press Bureau of the NPF Central.

With NGOs taking on such “cumbersome responsibilities,” the NPF Central thought it of no surprise that “they have the delusion to think that they have the authority to call for any Chief Minister to resign on moral or immoral grounds.”

(News Source: MorungExpress)