Two different pictures of Buli (Left - Received Appointment letter | Right : While selling orange)

The heart-rending story of Buli Basumatary, a gold medallist at the National Senior Archery Championship, made an impact after when it came into limelight.

On the 8th of February, state Sports Minister Naba Doley met Buli Basumatary in his office and gave a commitment to offering a job.Following the commitment, the government appointed her as an Archery Coach.

Buli Basumotary with her family after receiving the appointment letter(Image: SP)

In 2010, engulfed by physical sickness Buli had to leave the sport and start selling oranges in order to sustain herself and her family, which includes her daughters, both aged between two and three years.

The Assam News’s View:

Greetings to Minister Naba Doley for coming forward to help Buli Basumatary.Media played an important role in bringing out the story and finally made an impact.TAN team is wishing all the best to Buli Basumatary.