Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma(Left), PM Narendra Modi holding a Khadi dress in a store (Right) (Img Source: Google images)

In a program of Assam Khadi & Village Industries Board on Monday, Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that wearing of khadi garments once a month to be made mandatory for government employees.

News reports say that the government will gift two pairs of Khadi garments to its employees. The garments will be given on 14th April.

In each year, the government will be gifting khadi garments to its 4 lakh employees.

“Khadi is not a piece of cloth but an idea. I am not asking people to only wear Khadi but since there are so many fabrics with people, why not one of Khadi as well? Youth is also getting attracted to Khadi. The sale of Khadi has increased because of which poor are getting jobs,” earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ while talking about Khadi.