In a shocking incident on Thursday, Arman Ali was allegedly called ‘Pakistani’ for not standing up during the national anthem in a multiplex.

Arman Ali is the Chairperson of Shishu Sarothi in Guwahati. The organization, Shishu Sarothi works for the assurance of rights and legitimate aid for children and persons with disabilities.

It can be mentioned here that Arman Ali is a wheelchair user.

He said on a Facebook post, “Today, I took my nieces and nephew for a movie. As usual, they played the #NationalAnthem before the movie and my niece and nephew stood up. However, since I am a wheelchair user, I did my best by sitting upright. At the end of the Anthem, I heard a comment from behind “SAAMNE EK PAKISTANI BAITHA HAI” (“There is a Pakistani sitting in the front”).”

He further added,”When I looked behind, I saw that there were 2 Gents in their 50’s with a smug look on their face – perhaps with the mindset that they had done their National Duty by passing a comment on my not standing up to the National Anthem.”

People have been expressing anger over the incident.

Here is his Facebook Post: