A 22 Year Old Guwahati Boy , A Serial Entrepreneur And His Struggles

The initial spark

In a dingy corner of an internet cafe in Bengaluru, a college kid is busy discussing his plans for the future of campus platforms in India.This dates back to october 2012, initial startup buzz across India and students registering for e-cells and entrepreneurship programs at premier institutions.Roy Riddhinil, recalls his initial days at DSCE campus after coming all the way from Guwahati, Assam to pursue B.E Biotech engineering and yes! He was pretty excited to be in the startup capital of India.The craze of the generation was facebook pages,groups and whatsapp and his team hits it right ‘DSI Connective PLUS’ they name it and start India’s #1 campus dashboard platform that takes shape in the next 3 years as a full feldeged web-platform for campus students with android app.The market potential as they say pertaining to this age group is really huge in figures as well as reality.

The challenges ahead

In the course of time that followed, Roy Riddhinil ventured in the bio-sciences domain being his academic genre and cracks into internship offers from national startups/cos in biotech filed.He took a period of 3-4 months to formulate his plans before launching his venture ‘Biocognizance’ with his friends from bio-sciences and pharmaceutical sciences dept in his college. Untill now, DSI Connective PLUS expands outside of DSI as a campus platform for 30+ campuses with 52+ interns and 37 campus ambassadors and works a s a community connect platform for students of the concerned campus untill 2014,when the venture runs out of cash and financial backing.The biosciences venture by now has expanded to 11 south Asia countries and is scheduled to take on virtual lab stimulation softwares.

The setbacks & comeback

Along the path of creating products and services, the Connective PLUS team breaks down on decisions related to funding and internal issues.The bills waiting to be paid, Roy Riddhinil calls up his core team to a meeting and pitches the first subscription model providing e-coursewares,internship and cutomised merchandise for students in campus at a package designed in 99 rupees.Although the team, is not confident of this bold step the revenue earned from the DSI Campus earned alone stands at a figure of 70,000 in mere 4 days.Biocognizance by now is in talks with Bremen,Germany based K-Biosciences who are looking forward to enter into Asia-Pacific life sciences market and help with lab analytics from Germany.

The tough decisions

In subsequent weeks, Biocognizance gets acquired by K-Biosciences from Germany in an all-stock deal.Riddhinil and his team settles with paperwork, as another good news awaits the.Even though by now the core team has been dissolved to restructure a new team, the startup rebranded Connec8ive+ gets selected out of 700 interviewed startups by Philadelphia based HayGroup Next BIG 100 program that guarantees them backing till Series B-round along with mentorship from Inmobi and Microsoft Ventures.The team launches web platform and app withing two months and takes shape to reachout to atleast 150+ campuses by december end 2016.


Understanding need of mentors

Entrepreneurship is a tough challenge, and Roy Riddhinil’s journey has been marked with many unfortunate incidents that includes: bullied by seniors, startup rivalry, core team mismanagement, internal team politics and ofcourse not being from IIT,IIM or the Bansal tags.These still matter in startup scenario in India, regardless of whether they are big or small.Riddhinil since his early college days, when he was the secretary of his college’s e-cell saw a great potential in North region as future startup hub and so did his two other partners, a marketing genius Aman Bajaj (CEO at Jiffy Rooms) and Swapnanil Talukdar, who was awarded the title of Innovation scholar by Hon’ble President Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhawan, recently.The trio start a new journey together by establishing ‘NE8 Startups’ northeast india’s first exclusive startup accelerator program to help boost entrepreneurship in the region.”The future is now, and those who look ahead of the time are the ones we are looking for.Creators, innovators people with entrepreneurial insights, these are the future shapers” says Riddhinil as he shares with us the immense support the accelerator is receiving from over 57+ registered mentors and 35+ partners in media,legal,tech and design domains.


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