In a shocking and barbarous incident at Hailankandi-Mizoram border area, a 13-year-old minor was reportedly raped and brutally murdered by miscreants on Thursday.

According to reports of state media, when the minor’s parents were at work, miscreants entered the house and raped the minor girl. And then they killed the 13-year-old minor in order to conceal the cruel act.

Police apprehended one Jesimuddin Borbhuyan following the case. Police investigations are in progress in order to find the absconding culprits.

This has sparked controversy among people concerning the issue of increasing rape cases in Assam. Assam remains to be risky for women, with at least 3,009 rape cases and 17,106 cases of brutality against women registered since 2016, as was revealed by Chandra Mohan Patowary in an assembly session.